Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Boris Johnson becomes new Prime Minister of UK-King James

Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister? We were talking about this Trump look alike way back when Brexit first began on 6/23/16. 
European Union=623(Satanic)
Prime Minister=623(satanic)
It's just so ridiculous that people can't see how rigged it all is with stuff like this. Barack HUSSEIN Obama after a war in Iraq/Afghanistan and Saddam HUSSEIN. You don't even need numbers to see through this crap. 
Remember Brexit was 138 days before the US election that Trump won..
Donald Trump=138
He had his national convention in Cleveland just after LeBron KING James won the sports championship on the anniversary of the real King James bday....Notice that Boris Johnson also shares a bday with King James in history. 
Of course Trump came out to the Queen song and so on as well synced up to Elizabeth II's bday. 
King James also became King of Scotland on 7/24 which is the same day Boris Johnson becomes PM. 
Scotland=88=Elizabeth=Trump....88 days after her bday...

Remember the Brexit Withdrawl agreement was in the news on Prince Charles bday back in November. Then on 1/15/19 the first vote in regards to it was defeated. 
6/23 to 1/15 is 6 months 23 days too. 

Notice Theresa May's resignation was also effective on 6/7 which is the 158th day of the year. 

Boris Johnson=67, 158

He takes over on the 205th day of the year...
United Kingdom=205

He also takes over 69 days before May's bday. 
European Union=69

The new exit day is now Halloween as well which sticks out in regards to what I've recently been documenting. I know someone pointed out the importance of Brexit to me a while back, but it didn't register in my brain until now. 

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  1. So what are you really saying, Dan? Is the puzzle becoming clearer to you? Are pieces making the scene more evident? What does Queen Elizabeth have to do with all this as it seems everything that happens circles her?