Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Solway Firth information while looking up King James-Christopher Marlowe-Solway Firth Spaceman-Slipknot

Brexit vote first began on 6/23..2016.
"European Union"=623(satanic),
Prime Minister=623(satanic).
Brexit happened 138 days before the U.S. Election.
Donald Trump=138
Boris Johnson has a birthday of 6/19 which is also the anniversary of the real King James bday. This same day in 2016(US election year) the Cleveland Cavaliers won Cleveland their first sports championship in 51 years.
Lebron James=51 (King James)
A Cavalier is a follower of King Charles who was King James' son. If Queen Elizabeth II dies her son will become King Charles III.
Quicken Loans=51
WWE=51(Cavs came back down 3-1 after LeBron wore the Undertaker shirt...Undertaker of course was 51 years old at the time).
Believe=51(Cavs slogan)
Then LeBron was Jerome from the Martin Lawrence show for Halloween later that year. Martin Lawrence was 51 years old, the show first aired on 5/1 and it's setting involves the TV show on channel 51.
Then of course the Cavs visited the White House on 11/10 which leaves 51 days in the year. It was the same day Trump first visited the White House after winning the rigged selection.
Trump had his national convention in Cleveland that year as well at Quicken Loans just after the Cavs won. He came out to the song "We are the Champions" by the band QUEEN. It was 88 days after Elizabeth II"s bday. "Trump"=88, "Elizabeth"=88

It's interesting too in regards to the exit day being Halloween now instead of 3/29(88th day of the year). LeBron has been important to Halloween for years. Remember in the beginning of the 2015-2016 season he was Prince(singer), and Kevin Love was Jackie Moon. Then Prince died on the night of a full moon which just so happened to be Queen Elizabeth's bday too. Her bday on 4/21...I would die 4 U. (U=21)
Prince and Mike Pence both had bdays of 6/7 which is the same day Theresa May's resignation went into effect..."Boris Johnson"=67..

The Boris Johnson thing is for sure important to King James, so I was looking more at King James. I was reading about how he became the King of the Scots and his mother being imprisoned. 
I'm just documenting this because it says she crossed the "Solway Firth" by fishing boat on 5/16. 
Is it not strange that Slipknot released the song Solway Firth on 7/22 and the last song they released was on 5/16? 

There has to be something important to the Solway Firth although I really don't know much about it. 
I see a Spaceman thing about it, which reminds me of the Area 51 stuff...
Notice the picture was taken 3 months 10 days after Jim Templeton took the picture...
Solway Firth=310

Jim Templeton=64....taken in 64'. 
He died 6 months 4 days after the anniversary of the picture. 

The Area 51 thing is supposed to happen on 9/20 which is the day after 9/19...
9/20 leaves 102 days in the year.."Aliens"=102

King James' mother was sentenced to beheading by Queen Elizabeth I.....
I feel like there is something important to Christopher Marlowe within this as well. My cousin Kara's boyfriend was in the store today and his total came to $8.10..His name is Chris Marlowe and ever since James Holzhauer lost on Jeopardy with a question about Marlowe I have been thinking about her boyfriend...


  1. There was a Full Moon on Halloween in 2001 and will be again on Halloween 2020 cause you know the 19 year Metonic Cycle

  2. Can you PLEASE help with this riddle ?
    Miami is hosting Super Bowl 54 (9) the cities 11th Super Bowl a record
    #11 Edelman was last seasons Super Bowl 53 MVP (118/811)
    On the special edition NBA 2K 20 WADE is on the cover Miami again
    In Madden 20 face of the franchise mode is black QB who chose U Miami

    The last Miami QB to wear #11 was Ken Dorsey won a title at Miami 2001 canes
    I noticed that former hurricane Winslow Jr #81 is facing prison time

    #45 Trump tried to hire Don Shula coach of the dolphins in the 80's

    #23 jimmy butler from Houston is now on the heat
    #23 is a retired number in Miami , by pat Riley tribute to Jordan

    Drake #32 was the hero in the " Miami miracle" beating patriots on last play
    Drake the rapper made a video at the university of Miami

    WTF is going on ? The 1977 film black Sunday attack on Super Bowl
    Brady born in 77
    Owner Steven Ross the Jew is an alum of Michigan like Brady and Jeter
    Who owns the Marlins with his gay Jew boyfriend

    The champ Floyd born in 77 is from Michigan and #32 magic stepped down from lakers
    Also Michigan
    Coach harbaugh Michigan was criticized for having SATELITE camps in Florida
    And also critical of Urban Meyer cheating.

    The Dolphins #74 (11) lost his Arm in a car accident on 7/4/19

    Seattle Seahawks turn 45 the original Miami Dolphins

    The original hurricanes wore black uniforms .

    Ray Lewis was part of the black out Superbowl 47

    WTF ????