Saturday, July 13, 2019

Wikipedia edit to say Angels in the Outfield first game was Against Oakland Athletics

I went back to Angels in the Outfield on wikipedia and someone has now changed it. Apparently the Angels were playing the Toronto Blue Jays and not the Oakland Athletics in the first game he sees the Angels...

How could such an obvious mistake happen, and really why is someone on wikipedia changing a movie from 1994 in May 2019? 

It is for sure the Blue Jays too, I just checked..
The Blue Jays however are interesting too considering the narrative with Toronto and Summer Slam. 

They changed it on 3/4/2019...
That day was really important to the Troll theme/Luke Perry...
The 63rd day...."Money"=63
Tyler Skaggs=63
The Mo-Jaal=85
Toronto Blue Jays=85
Los Angeles Angels=85
Tyler Wayne Skaggs=85
He died after their 85th game. 

Changing of Wikipedia is also something I just wrote about when I was writing about the Freddie Mercury stuff...everything happens for a reason I guess. Even being wrong is somehow actually right and purposeful in this knowledge. 

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