Sunday, July 7, 2019

70 year old Marathoner Found Dead in a River-Los Angeles 310-Nipsey Hussle-9/19/19

Really? A story about a marathon runner who might have cheated in the Los Angeles Marathon? 
Remember Nipsey Hussle died in Los Angeles and he was important to the Marathon symbolism. 
Los Angeles has the 310 area code...

My whole post in which I was referring to Los Angeles and the Angel of Independence was about 9/19 that was important to the Marathon/Chelsea bombing coding. 
So now we get a story about a Marathon runner in Los Angeles who died on the same day we get an's hilarious really. 

Of course just as I type about Nipsey Hussle some guy calls into the show from Wednesday and mentions Nipsey Hussle too. All day everyday with the syncs, I'm telling you. 

Nipsey Hussle=172
Oddly enough he died 172 days before 9/19/19 too. 
Remember his name is Ethiopian and his father is from where the Ark of the Covenant is held and so on..
That's why we got the Ethiopian Air Crash on 3/10. 
Nipsey's bday is also the 227th Napoleon..
Haile Selassie=227
227 the important number to France this year..

9/19 is also important to the head ANGEL Christopher Lloyd as he is from Stamford, CT where the first US Marathon took place. 

Dr. Frank Meza died 3 months 10 days after the Los Angeles Marathon too. 

It's funny just below this story of the Marathoner we got a story about a tornado in New Jersey. Remember the Chelsea bomber was from Elizabeth, New Jersey and caught on 9/19.  

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  1. Hey Dan, just saw your video on this blog.
    In Japanese, 怖い こわい kowai means scary or frightening. Pronounced the same!