Thursday, July 4, 2019

Southern California Earthquake on Independence Day-Angel of Independence

This comes 37 days before August 10th...
Los Angeles=37
It wasn't directly in Los Angeles, but it's the focal point of most of the articles. 

I have mentioned Los Angeles and Earthquakes a while back in regards to this date too. 
Remember how the Mexico City Earthquake was connected to ANGELS symbolism...Los Angeles the City of ANGELS....We just had the ANGELS player die. 
July Fourth=310(Franc Baconis)
Los Angeles has the 310 area code too. 

What else is interesting in regards to the connection to the Mexico City Earthquake...a big thing was about the statue called the "Angel of INDEPENDENCE" of course being Independence Day in the United States. 

I have to go to work and celebrate my "Freedom" today, but I'll look at this later.  
Remember how the Angel Gabriel is important to the Golden Gate Bridge as well. 
Golden Gate Bridge=135 and so on..

Earthquake=163 and 213(Franc Baconis)
163 the 38th prime and today is 38 days before 8/11 too. 
Los Angeles the 213 area code. 


  1. There's definitely an "Angel" theme building. Consider we just had the death of the Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. They had another pitcher die a few years ago, (Nick Adenhart). Their birthdays were 2 years and 22 weeks apart. 222. Which is an important Angel number

    Angels = 22

  2. Angels and cat family any devils or demons about?

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