Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Zion Williamson Shoe deal with Jordan Brand on anniversary of James Jordan's death

Zion Williamson signs a shoe deal with Nike/Jordan Brand after his famous shoe blowout? 
Notice today is also the anniversary of Michael Jordan's dad dying. 

This comes 17 days after Zion's bday. 
The 17th prime is 59. 
Michael Jordan=59
This also comes 17 days before Kurtis Blow's bday...He was super important to the Blackface/Like Mike narrative. 

This comes 153 days after his shoe blowout. 

Shoe Blowout=47
Jordan Brand=47
James Jordan=47

Remember Zion's shoe blowout was connected to the Blackface/Like Mike stuff.....we just had the Betsy Ross Nike shoes that Kaepernick didn't like....

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  1. There was media hype Zion might sign with Puma(Lion).