Thursday, July 11, 2019

Weird ending on Zach's Live Stream tonight 310

I'm not sure if Zach's Livestream got hacked tonight or not, but something went screwy at the end for sure. If he did get hacked it's super interesting considering today is 3 months 10 days after the Porn Hack. 
It's funny too as last night I was looking at all my Saturday Night Live stuff with Ross Perot dying...I mention that hack a bunch within them posts...
Saturday Night Live=810(Satanic)
Think how tonight was 10/7 as well...
I was listening to the Live Stream tonight and trying to write more in that book. Looking at the posts now in regards to my friend Cody....he is the one who told me I should write a book so more people can see it vs me talking about it. So it's funny he is involved in the SNL stuff and came over a few nights ago..and I've recently started writing this book and working on it. 

Today is 31 days before 8/10 that is important to the 310. 
Cody's full name is 222(Francis Bacon) like 222nd day...

So recently the Nipsey Hussle Marathon stuff I've was talking about in the beginning of April came back up...Also Ross Perot whom I documented about at the same time. If this was a Hack, it would something else I documented about at this time...What's left?...SNL/Mary Poppins/Cheers/Big Bang? 
Maybe we get the death of Julie Andrews or something to do with Mary Poppins? 

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