Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tom Brady being dad-shamed after diving off a CLIFF with 6 year old Daughter

The Cliff symbolism continues...
Costa Rica=35
Tom Brady=35

Vivi Brady=59
Dad Shamed=59

Six Year Old Daughter=99
This comes after Brady won the Super Bowl in the 99th season of the NFL. 

I think it's interesting the article later mentions Tom Brady did this in 2015 as well. So it was before Super Bowl 50 in which the Patriots were not in...and the Panthers lost to the White Bronco beginning the whole Flag/Racism narrative. 

I see on Zach's post the article he was looking at mentions a cliff dive in 2012 which was before the BLACKout Bowl of Ravens vs 49ers...this too was important to the coming narrative of Colin Kaepernick kneeling. 


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  2. Something i have been talking about is the lion king/cliff/ cat theming. For 3 years max kellerman(espn) has been going on and on about Tom Brady "falling off a cliff". He is saying it in regards to Brady's abilities. Brady is considered king of the NFL. The original lion king mufasa is trampled in a stampede after falling off the cliff. Patriots play at buffalo week 4 , buffalo just outside of Niagara falls.
    Game of throwns/medieval culture, one kneels to show respect ti the king. Kaepernick wasnt protesting, he was bowing to the king.