Saturday, July 13, 2019

The song "My Bologna" on Stranger Things

I'm like falling asleep, but lately before I sleep I've been turning on the new "Stranger Things". So I'm ready for bed and turn on where I left off, and pretty much starts off playing the song "My Bologna" by Weird Al....It's only funny to me as my band added this song to our playlist in our recent adding of songs. We already play "Gump"...but it sticks out because I really don't know any cover bands that do Weird I'm hearing his version....I knew it was his version right away because of the accordion. 

Weird Al was one of my favorite artists growing up too. He was the first concert I had ever been to and still to this day in my top 3 best concerts. My first ever youtube video in regards to "numbers" where I actually talk was about Weird Al and the numbers 72 and 27 too. 

Just want to document it as I know it's important. I thought it was important when my friend Pat wanted to add this song to our list as well, but I just didn't document about it. 

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