Thursday, July 25, 2019

JoJo Siwa concert in Omaha on 8/6 for Claires birthday

I called in at work today for the first time ever. For some reason my ankle hurts so bad I can't even walk on it, and I have no idea what I did. In the past hour it's finally starting to feel better for whatever the reason. I honestly think my body is just super exhausted as I stand in the same spot for the majority of the day. Then when I get home I have to do a bunch of family stuff..cook/clean/kids/mow etc...then I stay up till 4am most nights trying to catch up on this research. To top it off when I finally do go to bed, I can never sleep well. So I slept for a big part of today and I'm thinking I just need rest. 
I found it funny that today is 25/7 which is 257 days after my bday and "Daniel Behrendt"=257 as well. 

My sister also text me today asking if Claire would want to go to the Jojo Siwa concert on 8/6 for her birthday(7/30) present. I have never even heard of this person lol, so I got filled in a bit about her being like the new Nickelodeon version of Hannah Montana. 
I never mentioned any of this to Claire today as it's supposed to be a surprise..
The reason this is important is because just a few hours ago Claire was wearing a bow in her hair and told me she looked like JoJo Siwa. I played dumb and asked her who that was and she turned Youtube on the TV and showed me. Needless to say we are still watching JoJo Siwa videos as I'm typing this up haha(poor me). 
Joelle Joanie Siwa=725(satanic) the date...

I also found it interesting that she was born in Omaha, Nebraska which is where the concert will be that we are attending. 
I guess I just wanted to document it as it might be important at a later date. 

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