Saturday, July 6, 2019

7.1 California Earthquake same day Kawhi Leonard to Clippers News-Zion Williamson injury/Earthquake Postponed

Now a 7.1 Earthquake in the same area as yesterday? 
I just talked about how it was connected to the death of Tylers Skaggs on 7/1 and the 7.1 Puebla Earthquake in Mexico City. Interesting right away that the Angels played the Houston Astros....the Astros were the team who went on to win the World Series after the Puebla Earthquake. It was the 113th World Series and Skaggs died 113 days before the World Series begins this year. 
Notice the Angels also got their 45th win with a score of 5-4 or 4-5....Skaggs all about 45....
Seventy One=45

This comes the same day Kawhi Leonard shook up Los Angeles and decides to go to the Clippers with Paul George. 
Paul George=107=Earthquake=Southern California=Raptors
Los Angeles=53=Earthquake=Clippers=Paul George

In light of 45....remember last year on 4/5 we got the 5.3 Earthquake in Los Angeles that shook the Eagles nest. 

This also comes the same day Zion Williamson makes his debut against the Knicks...the team that somewhat got robbed in getting him in the draft....The game was played in Las Vegas and then cancelled due to the Earthquake. 
Thinking about the worst ever Earthquake in New York that was on 8/10....This year will be the 135th anniversary...

Notice the 2 earthquakes as well. 6.4+7.1=13.5
Golden Gate Bridge=135
Kobe Bean Bryant=135

Have to love Leonard and George's numbers as well. 
2 and 13....213 the big number important to Los Angeles and the NBA Finals. 
Earthquake=213(Franc Baconis)
Toronto=213(Franc Baconis)
Possibly a stretch but it's also funny to me in regards of the Thunder and Raptors....Thunder...Jurassic Park and the ground shaking. 

Leonard's bday is 58 days after Paul George...
Kawhi Leonard=58
58 and 85 the big numbers around earthquakes that I have documented. 
These earthquakes also come just 2 days after the Total Solar Eclipse. The Moon has always seemed to be in connection to these earthquake stories we get.  

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  1. Another 135 connection; February 20, 2019 was the date Zion's Nike shoe "exoloded".
    February 20/19 to July 5/19 = 135 days