Wednesday, July 17, 2019

DeMarcus Cousins signs with Lakers-The Major Narrative with the Off Season Trades-King Symbolism

Westbrook to Rockets Blog Post
I made a post about this story on my blog and then elaborated more on Facebook. I'm making this post to elaborate even more on this narrative...

Demarcus Cousins spent most of his career with the Sacramento KINGS. Remember how LeBron's injury was connected to the number 34 in regards to Kobe Bryant tearing his achilles. It was a lot to do with the King Symbolism/Prince Charles....Luke Walton went to the Cavs the same year Kobe tore his achilles...Now he coaches for the KINGS. 
Anyway remember DeMarcus Cousins achilles tear was scripted to Kobe Bryant and bridge symbolism with Philadelphia winning Super Bowl 52..
Kobe Bean Bryant=81...81 point game..
DeMarcus Amir Cousins=81...came out of the game with 8.1 on the clock...
The SB was in Minnesota that was important to 81 and the Bridge's also why we got the FIU bridge collapse after the SB on the Ides of March which was connected to San Francisco's 44th Mayor who turned 44 years old that day....became mayor 4 months 4 days before the GG Bridge's 81st anniversary being opened. Then London Breed became mayor and turned 44 years old...

The Lakers get Cousins 117 days after Anthony Davis' bday and 1 month 17 days before Kobe's bday..

Another interesting thing is the importance of the Clippers with Kawhi/ the Clippers connections to Earthquake=44
Notice that DeMarcus Cousins made his comeback from his achilles tendon against the Clippers earlier this year...
Remember LeBron James also made his comeback against the Clippers on 1/31...The Injury was all about 34 and then the Lakers played the Clippers again on 3/4 and got their 34th loss of the season. 
Los Angeles Clippers=81
Remember how Kobe Scored 81 points against the Raptors and made his comeback after the achilles injury against the Raptors in the 34th week after. 
That game was also on Dwight Howard's birthday....Howard will be 34 years old this year too...
The Lakers opened up that season against the Clippers as well. 

Queen Elizabeth's bday is 4 months 2 days before Kobe's bday this year. 
Remember LeBron injured 4 months 2 days after Kobe's bday..
LeBron James=42
Frank Vogel became the Lakers coach 42 days before his bday. 
Charles=42, 66

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