Monday, July 22, 2019

No Frills employee missing for 10 years found in Council Bluffs, Iowa-Plus Marilyn Manson-Rob Zombie concert

No Frills=105
Larry Ely Murillo Moncada=105
What's funny is that this is the first story I clicked on tonight. Of course it's a guy from Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is where I was last night for the Marilyn Manson concert. I've also been to this No Frills a good amount of was a pretty white trash run down store like most No Frills seem to be...but wouldn't you think people would smells a dead body at some point? The store has been closed for probably 2 or 3 years now, which means this dead body would have been there for like 7 or 8 years with the store open. It makes absolutely no sense. Plus no one could hear him over the noise of the coolers? Ya fucking right lol. 

He went missing 267 days before his birthday..
Larry Ely Murillo Moncada=267

So the concert last night was ok, but actually the worst time I've seen Manson or Rob Zombie. We left at like 4:45 and didn't even get parked at show until almost 7. It's only an hour drive, but the traffic was terrible that we actually went past the exit so we could take backroads to get there. The backroads still took a long time, but it was way faster than the other way....the whole time we were in traffic though the car in front of us had a license plate with "810" on it. we finally get parked and then have to wait for a huge line to actually get into the concert..then another line for a wristband..and another line to get a beer....the show was supposed to start at 7:30, but the first band didn't show up. It finally began sometime after 8 with Marilyn Manson who only played like 7 or 8 songs...his microphones seemed to not be working and it was pissing him off. He started a song with the Knife mic and it wasn't working and I watched him toss it all the way to the side of the stage...I'm sure he was supposed to play more but didn't as they had the altar type prop he gets up on at every show I've seen him at and sings...but he never even used it. 
So I'm mentioning this because when waiting for the show we were talking to some guy my friend worked with..he mentioned the band Slayer being awesome live. My friend and I both told him they sucked when we saw them, because their Microphone wasn't working and they got pissed and stopped the show and wouldn't play anyone until it was fixed. This was after they played a bunch of songs with a messed up mic. The next act at that show just so happened to be Marilyn Manson. So I thought it was odd, that Manson's mic seemed to not be working at this show. 

Also I thought it was funny that the 2 guys I went with to this show went to Soundgarden on 5/12/17. This was the last time they went to a show at this venue, and they were still in shock Chris Cornell died a week later. 


  1. no decomposed body, just a stack of bones behind some coolers? No possible way I believe this story. If there were bones behind the coolers, they were dropped there.

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