Monday, July 29, 2019

The Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting in connection to Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Angel-Pi-Slipknot-Big Bang Theory-Pi-

A shooting at the GARLIC Festival? Instantly this just reminds me of Buffy and the Vampire Theme. 
Interesting another headline story is about the "PINK Lady Bandit" too. My original post about Buffy on 11/22/2018 even involved "Pink". 
David Arquette born the same day as "Pink(singer)". 
Kristy Swanson in "Pretty in PINK". 

Gilroy California=310(rev Francis Bacon)
Gilroy Garlic Festival=310
Buffy The Vampire Slayer=310 
Buffy Summers=310
The first episode of the TV show aired on 3/10. 
Luke Perry dies 3 months 10 days after my random post. 
So on...

Interesting the name "Gilroy" is a Scottish name and means "Kings Servant" as well. 

This comes 7 months 9 days after Kristy Swanson's bday too. 
Vampire Slayer=79
Three Hundred Ten=79
Scooby=79(Scooby Gang. SMGellar in Scooby Doo). 

It's also 144 days before Swanson's next bday. 
Kristy Swanson=144
Garlic Festival=144
Sarah Michelle Gellar's bday is 14/4. 

The TV Show also aired 144 episodes. 
Thinking about it now and possibly I mentioned this before, but the recent Angel theme is interesting with the Buffy stuff too. Remember Angel the character on Buffy and the Spinoff of Buffy called "Angel". 

The guy who played Angel (David Boreanaz") also born on 5/16(516). 

This comes 73 days after his bday...
Angel=73(Jewish) also 21(reduced)
The 21st prime is 73. 
Remember too how the Big Bang Theory was important with Sheldon and the number 73....on the final episode of the Big Bang was on 5/16 and had Buffy the Vampire Slayer on it. 
Luke Perry also died 73 days before 5/16..
Kristy Swanson's bday is 7 months 3 days after 5/16. 

I wonder if I need to check out the show "Firefly" as that was why Buffy was important to that show. 

All of the 73 stuff was important to "Pi"....This shooting happened 3 months 14 days after Sarah Michelle Gellar's bday...
Stephen Hawking died on Pi day which is the 73rd day..
Chuck Norris born on 3/10..
Three Hundred Ten=314
Seventy Three=314
Also think how the number 144 is important to Pi in regards to 666. 

Also I mentioned the Marilyn Manson concert being important to "Slayer" I'm wondering if it was just all about Buffy who is a "Slayer"? 

There is an episode of Buffy the TV show that the setting has ties to Gilroy as well....
It's season 7 episode 19...which reminds me of Lothos(Ruetger) dying on 7/19. 
The bad guy on the show at this place is Caleb who is a Preacher character....I've documented a ton about Father/Priest stuff over the possibly something important to that. 

Slipknot is also important in this narrative and for whatever the reason I keep thinking about "Garlic Knots" and Slipknot currently playing "Knotfest"...
Their song Unsainted released on 5/16..

While writing this I text Sam and he went to Google and this was the first story that popped up haha. 
They released an all new comic series of Buffy from a company called "BOOM". Interesting...

I'm sitting here and wondered if Slayer might play with Slipknot sometime this summer...Anyway I see that Slipknot is playing with only the band "Gojira" at the Iowa State Fair...Notice the band is from FRANCE....of all places..the band that is performing with Slipknot is from FRANCE. 


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