Sunday, July 28, 2019

Supreme Court Rules for $2.5 Billion on Border Wall

The Supreme Court rules for Trump's border Wall and they will use 2.5 billion dollars? 
Remember when Trump addressed the nation about building the wall, it was during the time of the government shutdown that had to do with the wall. 
Then on the 25th day and Trump's 2nd year 5th day as president the shutdown stopped. 
Pope Francis also called out Trump about the wall on this day as well. 
All of this delayed the State of the Union speech to 2/5 which is 2018 was the exact halfway point of the Berlin Wall being down as long as it was up. This was just after Super Bowl 52...
That speech was all about the reflection of 25...52. 
Nancy Pelosi=52
She was the 52nd speaker of the house..
White House=52

Notice today's date...7+26+19=52

This story comes 6 months 1 day after the Shutdown ended. 
Border Wall=61

I wonder too if it comes today late in the night as it would be the anniversary of the Korean War in Korea right now..

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