Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Taking Care of Business Film 2016 World Series MOON Theme, Royal Family

I just finally watched the movie "Taking Care Of Business" that involves the Chicago Cubs.  
It's 108 minutes long even. 
The main character is in prison for 37 counts of grand theft auto. 

The theme song of the movie is called Taking Care of Business by "Bachman-Turner Overdrive"=112, 256
112th World Series.
Curse of Rocky Colavito=94, 103, 112, 256
Two Thousand Sixteen=256
Fort Yates, North Dakota=256(Divergent Actress arrested)
The 1st ever baseball game in the US in Hoboken was 256 days before the 1st game between 2 teams on 6/19. 

IN the opening of the movie they show what looks to be a calendar. They show it with only the 4 crossed off but then cross off the 5 a few seconds later.   Remember the Superbowl in 2016 was all about when Chicago won Superbowl XX as well in 1985. 
Beyonce wore the X like Michael Jackson did in 93'. 
A whole lot more...I covered the X theme like Crazy so very interesting they do this in the film.  

Notice also how it says Full Moon on the 5th? 
I have been saying since the death of Prince on the night of a full moon on the 112th day of the year there is a something very special to the Moon. 
Lebron James was Prince last Halloween, Kevin Love was Jackie Moon...
World Series=57
Prince dies age 57
A lot more. 
The 45 stands out because the Cubs cursed in 45'
Cubs won WS 4 and WS 5. 
1948 World Series was the 45th WS. 

Also remember how I said it all seems to be connected to Prince Charles and the English Civil War. 
Native Americans=1114(Jewish)
Prince Charles born on 11/14. 
Well this year we are getting an Extra Super Moon on 11/14 as it will be the closest Moon to the Earth since 1948. 
Prince Charles born in 1948. 
Israel declared independence in 1948. 
The Jews identify with the Moon. 
Indians haven't won the World Series since 1948'. 
Extra Super Moon=69
2016 will also be the 69th anniversary of Israel being recognized. 
The Super Moon in 1948 was on 1+26+19+48=94
Cleveland Indians=94...94 Regular Season games. 
November Fourteenth=91, 226(Cubs, Ferris Bueller)
Ninety Four=57, 147=World Series

1/26 to 4/21(Prince death) is 2 months 26 days. 
Prince Rogers Nelson=226
Two Hundred Twenty Six=93(Saturn=93(Jewish)
2/26 the 57th day of the year. 
Forty Five=126
Fifty Four=126

You know I wonder too, as supposedly the Moon affects the Earth's Tides and what not. Is this going to be the reason we get a big earthquake story that I have been talking about that seems to be foreshadowed? 

When they show the XX and 45 even the actor's name on the screen is Stephen Elliott. Look at his final movie...."The Big One, The Great Los Angeles Earthquake"....hmmm

If you go from the death of Prince to Prince Charles Bday it's 207 days. 
Two Hundred Seven=197

Maybe I am wrong but it looks to me that it says October 8th Thanksgiving Day? It's hard to read and I can't find a better quality video but it looks like that to me? It's a holiday I have been mentioning in regards to a lot of things. Macy's day parade and the Omaha Indians headquarted in Macy, Nebraksa and the Macy's Mall stuff. 

The Main Character is in Prison and wins tickets to the World Series. He's still serving 2 days so he asks the Warden to let him out early. The Warden Putts in his office on Hole # 8. Then says if he makes it again, then he will let him out. So hole # 8 two times a lot like 88, but he misses the 2nd time. 

The Bullseye behind him seems to be sticking out the 8's a lot too. 

The main character then escapes prison and picks up his winning tickets at Gate 71A in the Airport. 
Curse of the Billy Goat 71 years ago. 
711 as well....

He fakes to be Spencer in the movie, and Spencer's boss' daughter shows up at his hotel. She asks him what he's doing for dinner and then she says meet me at 8 and he says 8 will be great. Another 88. Then Spencer's wife  calls. 
Her name is "Elizabeth"=88

When he finally gets to the game I noticed there is a fan with a Michigan Wolverines shirt on. Seems weird as it's the Cubs vs the Angels in Game 7 of the World Series. 

They show # 28 pitching for the Angels as well. 
Tonight's game 7 is # 28 Kluber vs # 28 Hendricks

After the Cubs win, they listen to the radio of it in the car. Jimmy turns off of the radio and the real Spencer says, "How come you turned it off".  
Jimmy then says "It's Over"=108

I watched this movie pretty fast, I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff. The beginning of the movie has a bunch of different numbers and stuff written in the background. I couldn't read a lot of it as the quality of the movie is too poor. 


  1. Dan, please check this out. "Full moon" = 108, the moons radius is 1080 miles like 108, the suns is 432,000 miles 432 = 216x2 or 108x4. "Geometry" = 108 These numbers are HOLY to the people who are "scripting" this. I was definitely getting a Sun and Moon vibe from this just because of the 108 and 216. Please check this document out when you get a chance:

    It is titled: The 216 Letter Sacred Hidden Name of God and man I was at game 7 and I have to say you can feel the "magic" or energy or whatever in the air and in your body. I don't understand why its so hard to convince people that these are "magic rituals" or whatever. anyway amazing post as always.

  2. Also there were Cubs fans wearing Michigan gear at the game...

  3. And a funny note all Full moons were named by Native Americans the one on the 14th is a Beaver Moon

  4. Thanks for looking into it. I knew it had some connection to the WS