Monday, July 29, 2019

Brooklyn Block Party Shooting the day before Garlic Festival Shooting-A Vampire in Brooklyn-Ethiopia plants Trees

I just watched one of Zach's videos about the Garlic shooting and he mentions the day before a shooting in Brooklyn. 
Right away again it reminds me of Vampires...Remember how I've said I think there is something important to the film "A Vampire in Brooklyn" with Eddie Murphy...
I talk about it at this point in a Buffy Video. I just mentioned the film because I was having syncs with my Uncles and it was written by Wes Craven who was important to the Slipknot stuff. I never did finish watching the film again either. 
Interesting in the post where I talk about my Uncle Eddie Murphy again I brought up Nipsey Hussle and Nipsey Russle being the "Tin Man". 
In this Garlic Shooting the band that was playing during the shooting was called "Tin Man" too. 

As I'm writing up this post I see we are getting a story about ETHIOPIA as well.

I'll look more at this post, but I have to stop at the moment and not sure when I'll be back. I'm just going to post it for now. 


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