Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trump and Pope Francis offer support of Charlie Gard-Jesuits-Prince Charles-God is the opposite of Heaven and Hell

Charlie Gard=59, 86
Pope Francis=59
The mother is "Connie Yates"=59(rev red)

The original story came out 7/3 on CNN though and talked about Trump and Pope Francis offering support to the parents. 

This boy being from the UK and a story about Trump and Pope Francis makes me think of Prince Charles....Charlie. 
Notice this story comes 134 days before Prince Charles bday. 
King Charles III=134
Prince Charles=68 he is currently 68 years old. 
Donald John Trump=68
Pope Francis=68(s)
Pope Francis I=68

Prince Charles=220(reverse)
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
220 a number I've mentioned in regards to the Jesuits in which Trump and Francis both are. 

This story comes 86 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Charlie Gard=86

Also note is 2 months 24 days. 
The Society of Jesus=91(rev red) and 224
Something I never put together until now in regards to the Jesuits and this space theme I've talked about. 
Queen Elizabeth is 91 years old. 
King Charles III=91(rev red)

Charlie Gard born on 8/4...

I also want to document something I never noticed before. I'm pretty sure this Youtube account is the person who has sent me multiple letters in the mail. Also the one with $300 on the same day my uncle died. 
I'm not going to write their name but just know it equals 74(rev red) and 151. 
Jesus=74=Masonic=Cross and so on. 
Jesus Christ=151
These letters are mostly about the topic of Jesus. 
I've said a lot about my uncle being a Knight of Columbus....dying at a Jesuit University hospital and so on. 
Cloud9 Reality=55, 145
Cloud Nine Reality=187
Society of Jesus=187
Now that's some strange stuff if you ask me. This is why I can't fully grasp things when people want me to just up and believe what they are telling me. I try and be respectful but I honestly question everything. While there have been many "signs" and odd things happening in my life...I have too many questions as to what I think is going on. I disagree with a some of what the bible actually says and I question the validity of it all together in regards to where it comes from. 
Seriously as I'm writing this, I'm just about to write about God saying it's ok to own slaves and what not. Then on the Gematria effect Zach says the exact thing I was going to write. Around 45 minutes in to the show. 
So I'm not disagreeing with people about anything. I'm just not agreeing if that makes sense. I won't fully agree until I absolutely know things for myself and my questions are answered. I appreciate opinions as I can only learn more from them, but don't be discouraged at me if I don't just drop everything and accept something the way you see it as well. Sometimes things just don't make sense for a long time...other times I understand it right away.... and other times it seems  that I never understand what someone else is telling me. Thinking this way is the reason I started noticing the deception of our world to begin with.
One last thing....
Ever since learning Reverse I always thought it was weird that...
God=55(reverse) and Heaven=55
God=17(red) and Hell=17(rev red)
God is the opposite of Heaven and Hell. 
HH=88 the number all about Time. 

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