Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wiz Khalifa-Charlie Puth"See You Again" surpasses PSY's "Gangnam Style" on Youtube-Paul Walker Tribute

First thing I see in this article is that the song "See You Again" is on the film "Furious 7" and a tribute to Paul Walker. 
Furious Seven=150
Paul Walker=150

Notice too how the song becomes Youtube's greatest on 7/11 which is 7 months 11 days after the 3rd anniversary of Paul Walker dying. 
223 days is also interesting as I covered Paul Walker's death in regards to the Movie the Skulls/Skull and Bones.

See You Again=58(red rev)
Charlie Puth=58(red)
The song had 3 nominations at the 58th grammys. 

This happens 7 months 9 days after Charlie Puth's bday. 

Paul Walker died 79 days after his bday. 

Furious 7 came out in the US on 4/3/15. 

Furious 7 came out 1 year 4 months 4 days after Paul Walker died. 

The Youtube news comes 144 days before Charlie Puth's bday. 

Wiz Khalifa currently 29 years old. The song has 2.9 Billion hits. 
Twenty Nine=50(red)
See You Again=50(red)

This story comes 60 days (end date) before Wiz Khalifa's bday. 
Paul Walker=60(rev red)
Gangnam Style=60(rev red)
Without the End date it's 59 days. 
Charlie Puth=59(red rev)
See You Again=59(s)

This also happens 173 days before PSY's 40th bday. 
173 is the 40th prime number. 
Paul Walker died age 40. 

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