Monday, July 17, 2017

Minneapolis woman who called 911 killed by Police

Desperate=39, 93 and 51, 150(reverse)
Interesting a story about Minneapolis.
World Series=150(reverse)
Minneapolis Minnesota=93
She was killed by "Police"=147(Jewish) and 60
World Series=147
Minnesota Twins=60

This happens 3 months 9 days before the WS. 

Her fiance is Don Damond. 
Don Damond=39, 84
She died on 7+15+17=39
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
Minneapolis Police=187

She's originally from Australia and now shot by police? 
Australia=102 also 39(s)

Mohammed Noor=55(rev red) and 62
Minneapolis=55 and 62(rev red)
Bride to Be=55(rev red) also 163(reverse). 
163 the 38th prime...(Minnesota=38)
Alley=55...she called because of a possible sexual assault in the alley. 

Noor celebrated as the first Somali American on the Minneapolis police. 
Somali=39, 93(reverse)
Somali American=133

In most of the stories they call her Justine Damond not Justine Ruszczyk. 
Ruszczyk=39(rev red)

Justine Ruszczyk=158(reverse)

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