Friday, July 21, 2017

Death of Chester Bennington-Chris Cornell-Scott Weiland-Jesuits

Chester Bennington died today. 
Supposedly of "Suicide"=320(Jewish)
He was born on 3/20. 

Interesting in this article CNN gives us a 1:23 second video. 
Bennington died 123 days(end date) after his 41st bday. Also 4 months 1 day. 

Also interesting how Chester was the lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots until just before Scott Weiland dies. 
Notice Weiland died on 12/3. 
He dies 38 days(end date) after his bday. 

A lot of 55 around Weiland. 
He died in "Bloomington"=55
Scott Weiland=55
Fifty Five=108

He died 108 days before Chester Bennington's bday. 
Also 3 months 17 days...
How interesting this number again. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=317(reverse)

Bennington's only album released with STP was released on 10/8. 
October 8th also the day that leaves 84 days in the year. 

Weiland dies 1 year 7 months 17 days before Bennington. 

The STP stuff is important in regards to Chris Cornell not only because of the Grunge Era, but because Bennington joined STP on May 18th which also is the day Chris Cornell died. Cornell died on the 4th anniversary of Bennington joining STP. 

Weiland dies 136 days after Cornell's bday. 
Chris Cornell=136

Bennington's bday also interesting to me as it's 191 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Society of Jesus=191
Chester Bennington=84
The Jesuits connected to the space theme I've mentioned...He dies on the anniversary of Apollo 11(moon landing) which is also Chris Cornell's bday who was connected to the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse. 

Interesting we got the OJ Story today as well. 
Orenthal James Simpson=84 and 114(red rev)
Chester Charles Bennington=114
Chester Bennington=84

Bennington died 619 days after leaving STP. 
619 is the 114th prime number. 

With the connections to Minnesota with Scott Weiland it makes me wonder about OJ Simpson and the Buffalo Bills. They made their first Superbowl in the 90' season but the Super Bowl played in 91'. Later that year the Minnesota Twins won the World Series, then  Buffalo lost again in the super bowl in 92' to the Washington Redskins. Yet again making me wonder about the possibility of a Nationals vs Twins World Series. 

It's funny too as I just talked about Jay Z and the possible connections to Minnesota and the Twins..
I think of the album Linkin Park did with Jay Z called "Collision Course". 
A big song on the album was called "Numb Encore"=52, 110
Minnesota=52, 110
Linkin Park=52
The main story above is how Bennington dies on Chris Cornell's bday and was good friends with him. 
Remember Cornell died age 52. 
Collision Course...Chris Cornell...CC...33

Jay Z=17

The CNN article shows us Bennington singing with Cornell on the song Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog....
Temple of the Dog...Stone Temple Pilots? 

Hunger Strike came out on 1/14... of 1991. 
Hunger Strike=155
Linkin Park=155(reverse)

Also Bennington dying at age 41 and Cornell dying age 52 is interesting to Super Bowls. 
Super Bowl 52 will be in Minnesota. 
Super Bowl 41 is when Prince(minnesota) performed the halftime show. 

The Stone Temple Pilots 2nd album is titled "PURPLE" which reminds us of Prince...Purple Rain and so on. Notice it came out on Prince's 36th bday too. 

Mike Shinoda=108 and 189(reverse)
Collision Course=189

Stone Temple Pilots=235 and 224(reverse)
The Society of Jesus=224 and 235(reverse)

So much more to look into, but I need some sleep bad. A big web of these musicians deaths though. 

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