Thursday, July 6, 2017

Comment on Old Video Freddie Gray-Freddy's Dead-The color Green

So this post also didn't go through from the other day. I believe I actually made this post on July 3rd. Posting it as I didn't the other day. 

So once again, not calling this person out. I just find it interesting I get a comment on an old video again. They said 22 is skull and bones which I'm confused by so I figured I would look more into it. I haven't even watched this video I put out in a long time. 

Anyway the first thing I notice is I put this video out 2 years 2 months 3 days ago. 
322 the Skull and Bones....

If you go back and watch that video, I talk a lot about how the Freddie Gray death was connected to the 1991 films "Drop Dead Fred" and "Freddy's Dead". Both of these movies have a lot to do with the color Green. 
I realized something about re-watching this video though. 
I showed in the video that the teacher tells us how Freddy's kid was taken away in 1966 and they make sure to put the O's win in 4 under it. 
The O's play in Baltimore where Freddie Gray died and so on. 
1966 was 49 years before Freddie Gray died. 
So it fits even more than I previously had thought. 

I also wasn't sure what exactly they were asking me in this comment. So I told them the first thing that came to mind in 1966 that I find as a significant thing. The Church of Satan was founded. I re-looked up the Church of Satan and it was actually established on 4/30/66 meaning I put my video out on the 49th anniversary of it. 
Also I recently mentioned the Carey stuff and how I'm supposed to see 102 for some reason. 
Freddie Gray=102
Freddy's Dead=202(reverse)
Skull and Bones=202(reverse)

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