Monday, July 31, 2017

Mighty Ducks Goalie sentenced to 150 days in jail

Goldberg on the Mighty Ducks arrested and jailed for 150 days? 
This is interesting as the Mighty Ducks takes place in Minneapolis. 
World Series=150(reverse)
Think about how I've mentioned the Angels(Gabriel-Michael) in connection to what I've been documenting....
The actual NHL team was the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and now the Anaheim Ducks...Anaheim where the Angels play as well. 

He's in jail in Los Angeles county...Minneapolis and Los Angeles have a connection in regards to the Lakers....

Notice he's 38 years old right now too. 
Goldberg=38(rev red)
Greg Goldberg=55(red rev)
Mighty Ducks=50

Goldberg was # 33 for the Mighty Ducks. 
Anaheim=33 and 138(reverse)
Shaun Weiss=138
The main character in the Mighty Ducks is "Charlie Conway"..CC 33.  He wears # 96...."Freemason"=96
Joshua Jackson=39, 147
He's currently 39 years old. 
World Series=147
New York=39 and so on....
CC...JJ...Greg Goldberg...GG....Emilio Estevez..EE....hmm?

It's funny as the other night when I posted about Kendrick Lamar I noticed his last name is actually Duckworth. I even thought about the Mighty Ducks...."quack quack quack quack Mr. Ducksworth."
In that post I mentioned Meek Mill as well and the connection to Philadelphia...remember Goldberg says he's moving back to Philly in the film but then never does. 

113th world series. 
Goldberg the Goalie=89 and 307(reverse)
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red)
Today's date is 30/7. 

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