Saturday, July 22, 2017

Home Alone Actor John Heard Dies-88th anniversary of the St. Valentines Day Massacre in Lincoln Park

The dad on Home Alone died on 7/21. 
John Heard=43(red rev)
Home Alone=43(reduced)
In the Home Alone films their is a lot of emphasis on Airports too. 
Heard died in "Palo Alto"=43(rev red)

This has to be a tribute to Macaulay Culkin as it's 37 days(end date) before his 37th bday. 
Also the film Home Alone set in "Chicago"=37

John Heard born on 3/7.  

He thought his role in Sharknado would shake his dad image from Home Alone. 

Home Alone=155(reverse)
In the first Home Alone film they family goes to Paris and leaves Kevin at Chicago, but in the 2nd Film they go to Florida and Kevin gets left in New York. Reminds us of 2 big Terror Attacks..New York and Paris. 
He dies just after Chester Bennington of Linkin Park......Lincoln Park in Chicago. 
Peter McCalister The FATHER
I remember this line from Home Alone: Lost in New York a lot for some reason. Howdy Doo this is Peter McCalister...The FATHER... Just thinking about this as I've mentioned Fathers a decent amount in the recent months. 

Also this film has the cameo of Donald Trump in it as well. 
He tells him the Lobby is down the hall to the left. 

Got some research and films to rewatch in regards to this death. 
I see he's from Washington DC... and went to a Catholic school.....dies age 71..."Catholic"=71
Washington DC=187
He was in the film One Eight Seven with Samuel L Jackson. 

He was also in a TV Show called "The Chicago Code" as the Mayor of Chicago....This reminds me of this year being the 88th anniversary of the St. Valentines Day Massacre in Lincoln Park. 
St. Valentines Day Massacre=145(rev red)
Chicago Illinois=145
The Mayor of Chicago at the time was the 33rd Mayor William Hale Thompson who was born on 14/5. He was nicknamed "Big Bill"=46(rev red)

Think about the massacre as well in regards to Home Alone....The part where he uses the film to scare them....You've been smooching with everybody.....then later...."My Tommy Gun won't". 

Heard dies 157 days after Valentines Day...
157 is the 37th prime number. 

The scene's on the Home Alone movies with the Tommy Gun are parodies of this film.. 
Angels with Dirty Faces=312(reverse)
Archangel Michael=312(reverse)
312 a number I've mentioned with the Jesuits. 
Interesting it even has Angels in the Title of the film. 
In Home Alone it's titled "Angels with Filty Souls" and Angels with even Filthier Souls in Home Alone 2. 

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