Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yankees, Twins, Angels all have 45 wins at All Star Break-Death of Prince's Drummer

Interesting the only teams that currently have 45 wins at the All Star break in the MLB are teams that I have mentioned in connection to the Jesuits. 
Angels, Twins, and Yankees.  
Forty Five Wins=191
Society of Jesus=191

Also interesting I really pointed out some Twins stuff in regards to Prince's Drummer who died 113 days(end date) before the 113th WS. He was born on 9/9 that leaves 113 days in the year. He died age 43...Anyway the day he died the Angels lost 4-5 to the Twins getting their 45th loss...They both then had 43 wins as well. 
43rd Prime number is 191
4/21 to 10/24(ws begins) is 197 days. 
The 45th prime is 197. 

I have mentioned the Astros as well but I have been thinking it's connected to the Yankees. 
Astros=43(red rev)

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