Thursday, July 6, 2017

Odd occurrence the other night-Mariah Carey 102

For some reason this post never went through from the other day, so posting it now. It's just another odd thing that happened in my life that I wanted to document. 

So just a quick random post here. I just got home a few hours ago and I went upstairs and got on the computer. I noticed my girlfriend was sleeping with a pillow in between her legs. She said it's cause it's the only way she can sleep without being in pain as she is pregnant again. 
I jokingly said well why don't you drink some beers? Then she said or a whole bottle(meaning liquor). Then our daughter Claire said, You better not do that mommy. I agreed and said, I know I'd probably beat her up if I found out she was drinking while pregnant. Of course I wouldn't ever beat her up, but we were just joking around. Anyway after this conversation I picked up my computer and noticed it was on Facebook and look at the video someone posted lol. A video about a guy who beat up his pregnant girlfriend. This is the stuff I say happens everyday to me. Just the weirdest things ever. 

So I then go to Yahoo and this is the headline story....Mariah CAREY huh? I'm telling you there is something special to Carey's that keeps happening to me as well. I also just documented about Jim Carrey, Drew Carey, The Carey Family I DJed I see a story about Mariah Carey. 
Jim Carrey=102
Drew Carey=102
Mariah Carey=102

Will Ferrell=132=Catholic Church

Also interesting Mariah Carey was in the Lego Batman movie that I talked about. That's why I realized Jim Carrey/Riddler were significant too. 

I'm just trying to figure it out in my head why all this Carey stuff is in my Carry something? 

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  1. Spiderman Homecoming=102,201
    Great Pyramid of Giza=102,201