Thursday, July 13, 2017

Man Gets Stuck in ATM-Money-Stock Market Crash

ATM Repairman=57
ATM Machine=57(rev red)
They even only show the area code for his boss' number. 
Two One Zero=57 and 156. 
We got the story on 13/7....137 the 33rd prime. 
Happens in Corpus Christi....CC..33
Thirty Three=156
Corpus Christi is Latin for "Body of Christ"=63...I'll mention 63 later in the post. But the Corpus Christi feast day this year was on 15/6.(June 15th). Christ dies age 33. 

Help Me Note=50
Fifty Seven=50, 131
Stuck in ATM=131

I wonder if this is a tribute to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash beginning?  
Help Me=32, 59 and 103(reverse)
It's 103 days before the 88th anniversary of Black Thursday on 10/24.   
10/24 leaves 68 days in the year. 
Stock Market Crash=59, 185 and 103(red rev) 
Donald John Trump=68, 185
Trump=88 and so on. 
Two Hundred Ten=59(red rev) and 185(reverse)..210 # above. 
America=32, 50
Stuck in ATM=32

An interesting connection I just found: 
Root of all evil=63
Wall Street=63(red rev)
Black Tuesday happened on 10/29 that leaves 63 days in the year. 
Stock Market=37
Dollar=37(red rev) and 26(reduced)

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