Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Super Bowl LII 52, 38 and a connection to the World Series.

I'm sure someone has already covered this, but I was thinking about Super Bowl LII being in Minnesota. 

It's the 52nd Super Bowl.  
Minnesota=52(rev red) and 38
Fifty Two=38(rev red)
Super Bowl LII=163(reverse)
163 is the 38th prime number. 
US Bank Stadium=38

LII=24(rev red)
Super Bowl LII will be played on 2/4..2018

The Super Bowl will be played on the 150th day of the season.
The season begins with the Chiefs vs the Patriots on Thursday and the rest of the games on 9/10 which is 147 days before the Super Bowl. 
 Interesting as "World Series"=150(reverse) and 147. 

The Twins play the Royals that day. Just interesting as the Royals seem to be important in regards to my Despicable Me 3 post. 
The Chiefs also play the Patriots that day to open the NFL season. 
Royals, Chiefs, Kansas City. 

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