Thursday, July 6, 2017

Patton Oswalt engaged to Meredith Salenger-Death of his wife same day as Prince(2016-Minnesota Twins Jesuits

I clicked on this article today as I thought it seemed odd Patton Oswalt is engaged again. His wife if you recall died the same day as Prince on 4/21/16. 
I wish I would've saw this last year and also knew about Reverse Gematria..
I covered multiple times about the death of Prince being connected to the NBA Finals/World Series and so on.
Anyway notice his wife's last Book was titled "The Golden State Killer". 
The Golden State Killer=111(rev red) and 318(reverse)
Cleveland Cavaliers=111(rev red) and 318(reverse)

The NBA Finals=111
4/21 in a non leap year is the 111th day. 

I find it interesting CNN put the headline picture of Oswalt and his new fiance at the "Preacher" Premiere. 
Then later in the article they tell us about him writing about his grieving process putting emphasis on 102. 
I've recently been talking about Priests and how I'm supposed to see the number 102 out of it. 

Oswalt even announced he was working on completing the Golden State Killer 102 days after his wife died. 
One Hundred Two=67
Patton Oswalt=67(rev red)
Today is 7/6 or 6/7. 

Also today 7/6 is 76 days after 4/21....Which also means today is 1 year 76 days after Oswalt's wife died. 
Patton Oswalt=176
The King Of Queens=176

In my previous post on Oswalt I even mentioned his first comedy album called "Feelin Kinda Patton"=176
What I just noticed now is that is came out on the Jesuit anniversary in 2003. 
Today is the 187th day of the year. 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

I also find it interesting Oswalt's wife Michelle McNamara's bday is 2 months 22 days before 7/6. His first comedy album called "222". 

A joke they had in the announcement was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson being on her finger. 
Dwayne Douglas Johnson=84 and 102(s)

Notice Salenger born on Pi Day as well. 
Pi day to the Jesuit anniversary is 197 days. 

Best known for the film "The Journey of Natty Gann". 
Notice it came out on 9/27 as well. The Jesuit anniversary. 

Also in regards to Jesuits and Prince being from Minnesota...I just looked up the Minnesota Twins. 
Minnesota Twins=84(rev red)
The last time they won the World Series was in 1991. 
The Society of Jesus=91(rev red)
The Twins also won the 84th World Series....
Just something I'm documenting as of now. There was a seemingly "Twins" theme earlier this year as well I was talking about in regards to Space and more. 
The Twins lost to the Tigers 88 days before the 88th World Series. "Tigers"=84(reverse)...Twins finished season with 95 wins and beat the "Braves"=95(reverse) in the World Series. The Jesuit anniversary on 9/27 leaves 95 days in the year. 
The Twins beat the Blue Jays 84 days before the 84th world series. 
Blue Jays=95
The Twins then beat the 95 win St. Louis Cardinals in the WS. 

Super Bowl 26 on 1/26/92 was 91 days after the Twins won the World Series in 91'. The Super Bowl was also held in Minnesota that year. This upcoming year the Super Bowl is in Minnesota as well. 
Definitely more research to do, just trying to find teams with the Jesuit connections. 

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  1. 176 is the Most Divine number.
    22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet
    8, the number if spiritual completeness,
    Is 176.