Friday, July 14, 2017

Donnie Wahlberg leaves a $2,000 tip at Waffle House

We got this story yesterday on July 13th or 13/7. 
Donnie Wahlberg=137 and 241(reverse) also 70(red rev)
Two Thousand=137(reverse)
Two Thousand Dollars=241 and 70(reduced)
This is interesting as 241 is the 53rd prime number. 

Notice the receipt has 449 on it. 
449 is the 87th prime number. 
Two Thousand Dollar Tip=87
Eighty Seven=50(rev red)
Waffle House=50(rev red)
Also..."Two Thousand Eighty Two Sixty"=137

All throughout the story they keep mentioning Kalama or Allison Kalama. She was literally just a fan of New Kids on the Block that was there. The story never mentions the name of the person/people who got the actual tip. 
Allison Kalama=40, 49, 121
Wafflehouse=49, 121

I also find his tweet interesting as he mentions being treated like a King and he treats them like Queens. 
Queen Elizabeth II=87
Notice the Address of the Waffle House too. 
3309 Queen City Drive. 
Charlotte named in honor of King George III's wife. 
Prince William's children are George and Charlotte. 
Charlotte the feminine form of Charles. The Carolina's named in honor of King Charles. 
Royal Treatment=187 and 191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191 and 187(reverse)
Elizabeth II=191(reverse)

Interesting too that you can't find her on Facebook, yet it says she came to the Waffle House after seeing Wahlberg on Facebook live. 
Possibly she just has a different name on Facebook, but there is no Allison Kalama that I can find. 

Donnie Wahlberg in general just reminds me of Donald Trump and the Wall too. 


  1. It seems too unbelievable sometimes but the pattern keeps fitting doesnt it. There is much more than a blemished surface here, a little digging can unravel the lies we are all brought up and programmed with.