Sunday, July 23, 2017

8 people found dead in Tractor-Trailer at San Antonio Walmart-Trump-WALL

8 people dead and 30 others found in a Tractor Trailer in San Antonio. 
38 people? 
Police Chief was William McManus.
William McManus=163
The 38th prime is 163. 

It was 38 degrees Celsius in San Antonio that day? 

Human Trafficking=161
July 23rd the day that leaves 161 days in the year. 

Most likely these people were Mexicans.
Mexicans=88 and 47(rev red)
Walmart=88 and 47(rev red)
San Antonio Texas=88(rev red)
The story comes on 7+23+17=47

Think about how that ties in to the story as well. 
WALL's such a joke. 
Trump=88 and 47(rev red)
Eighty Eight=48(rev red)
Donald Trump=48

I've covered a lot in regards to the Jesuits lately too. Notice Trump's 8th month and 8th day(end date) as president is the Jesuit's anniversary. 
San Antonio Texas=191
Society of Jesus=191

Today also Trump's 185 days (end date) as president. 
Donald John Trump=185

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