Sunday, July 30, 2017

Chris Christie confronts Cubs fan

This story is interesting to me as last year the Hoboken Train Wreck was a big piece to why I thought the Cubs would win the World Series. 
Chris Christie said there were 114 injured...The Cubs were in their 114th season being called the Cubs and won the World Series getting their 114th win of the season. This same day the Cubs tied Pittsburgh...
It was the first tie since 2005 when the Astros tied the Reds 114 days before the World Series in which the Astros were swept by the White Sox. 
A bunch of the Pittsburgh stuff connected back to the Indians and also the Cubs getting Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees. 
Chris Christie=148
Cleveland Indians=148

Interesting Chapman went back to the Yankees this year 1 month 13 days after winning the WS with the Cubs. 
113th world series this year.....
With the end date it was also 1 month 14 days. 

I see Chapman also was almost a Dodger but had a domestic violence thing on him and ended up going to the Yankees. 
It says it happened in Davie, Florida....Just makes me wonder about something that happened 2 days ago. I was training a new kid at work whose last name is Davie. I was talking about him later that day to my mom and she told me he has a Twin sister. Also while at work this same day there was a girl in the store with a Supernatural(TV Show) tattoo on her chest in the same spot as my girlfriend. She also had the same dyed hair color and I not even realizing it, I told her and my girlfriend they were twins. 

Christopher James Christie=145(rev red)
Chicago Illinois=145
Chicago Cubs=55
Notice he's the 55th mayor of New Jersey...
The fans name was "Brad Joseph"=55(rev red)

He called the fan "Big Shot". 
Big Shot=37(rev red), 109(reverse) and 80
Yankees=37(rev red), 109(reverse) and 80
Los Angeles=37, 109

Notice the Brewers stayed on 55 wins today. 
Notice also the losing pitcher today named DAVIES. 
Zach Davies=55(rev red)
Milwaukee Brewers=73
Los Angeles Dodgers=73

Today also 86 days before the WS....
Chris Christie=86(rev red)

Christie also gets in the fans face just before Victor Caratini hit the 1st home run of his career.
Victor Caratini=72, 162
Major League on..
Victor Manuel Caratini=312(reverse)...312 a number in connection to the Jesuits I've mentioned. 
It was also 18 days before his bday on 8/17. 
Baseball=18 and so on..
Seventh Inning=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191

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