Monday, July 10, 2017

Astro's win 19-1 over Blue Jays 102 days before the World Series

The Astros won yesterday 19-1 against Toronto. 
Interesting score as I've been mentioning the Jesuit connections.
Society of Jesus=191 

Notice yesterday 7/9 was also 102 days before the World Series begins. 
102 a number that's been in connection a lot with the 191/187 Jesuits connections. 
It also reminds me of New York 9/11....102 minutes WTC attack, "Al Qaeda"=102
New York Yankees=191
The Yankees have been losing a lot lately, but we will see.

In 2001 the Yankees upset the Seattle Mariners who were on a roll. I never noticed the score of the final game though. 3-12 and time of game 3:18. 

Some of the games being played on the 113th day of the season are interesting as well. 
Chicago plays Chicago....CC
Cincinnati plays Cleveland...CC
Atlanta plays Arizona...AA

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