Sunday, July 23, 2017

90 hospitalized at Chance the Rapper concert-Angels-Geometry Angles-Jesus-EL

90 people hospitalized during Chance the Rapper concert? 
The event took place in Hartford, CT. 

Chancellor Bennett=90(rev red)
Chance the Rapper=75(reverse red)

We get this story on the 90th day of Chance the Rappers "Be Encouraged Tour". 
Be Encouraged Tour=75
The Tour began in "San Diego California"=90

Reading through his wiki I see he has a famous song called "Angels", notice it's 3:26 in length. 

Angels the lead single off of his mixtape "Coloring book". Notice it was released on May 13th....
The Album also referred to as "Chance Three"=90
3/26 and 5/13 special numbers/days to Gabriel I've mentioned. 
Angel Gabriel=513(satanic)
Synaxis of Gabriel on 3/26.....May 13th the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.....The Virgin Mary told by Gabriel she was going to birth Jesus and so on . 
Angels-Chance the Rapper Music Video
Angel Gabriel and Virgin Mary blog post
Archangel Michael=90
Angel Michael=75

This story happens 3 months and 26 days after 3/26 as well. 
Notice in my above blog post I mention how 7/21 is Zachary K Hubbard's bday...
Gabriel only came to Daniel, Zechariah and Mary in the Bible. 

Also worth noting in regards to Chance supposedly being a Christian and singing about Angels. 
Chance the Rapper=666(satanic)
Just thinking about it too in regards to math/geometry. I always thought it was interesting how close Angle and Angel are. 
Fallen Angels=108
Right Angles are 90 degrees and even make an "L" type shape. 
Just has me wondering more about Chance and his # 3 hat....
Three=29, 56
Right Angle=56
Saturn EL=29
Light=29, 56
Jesus is EL=29 and 56(s) also 61(rev red) God=61, Christian=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit=Bull=Time 
Saturn the Keeper of Time...

Hell=17(rev red)
This is 2017....

Seventeen=37.....L flipped is a 7. 
L Seven=77... haha how interesting. 
Think about Saturn too. 7 main Ring groups, Saturday(Saturn) is the 7th day of the year. 7 Major Moons of Saturn(although more moons).   Makes a lot more sense as to why all the 7 symbolism had been coming up a while back. 
7 Archangels. 
7 Days   (The Ring=326 satanic) 7 Rings...
7 Limbed Aliens (Arrival=326 satanic)
I've even mentioned how my nephew and daughter are connected. 
Cowgill=326(satanic)-Claire's last name. 
Collin Hansen=326(Jewish)
Interesting Collin is 7 years old right now and my daughter will be 7 years old on 7/30. 

All the 7's in the USS Fitzgerald story that was connected to what I was saying as well. 

37 a number important to Jesus
L Seven Loser=47, 146 and 61(rev red) and 151(reverse)
Jesus Christ=151 and 146(reverse)

Bull God=318(satanic)-Saturn is the Bull God. 
Remember how 318 is supposed to the God number...
Jesus' return mentioned 318 times in the new testament. 
The 77th day is 3/18 and so on. 
Bull God Saturn=77
Saturn=21....3x7 or 7+7+7

It puts the 12 tribes, with 12 thousand people into perspective for me as well. 
Revelation 7 mentions the 144,000. 
Genesis 7 is all about sevens. 7 days, 7 pairs of animals...
God rested on the 7th day. 
Rested=37(red rev)

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