Monday, July 17, 2017

Julius the Baby Giraffe dies July 15th in Maryland Zoo

Another story about a baby giraffe this year. 
Notice the giraffes name..
Julius=43(rev red)
Giraffe=43 and 38(rev red)

I find it interesting Julius was born on the 15th and died on the 15th. Remember April the Giraffe born on the 15th of April. Giraffe's normally pregnant for 15 months. April's mother was 15 years old. 
Maryland=47(rev red) 
47 is the 15th prime number. 
Giraffe=38(red rev)
Julius born on 6+15+17=38

The lady who wore the Giraffe mask named her kid Porter and he was born on 3/8 which was 38 days before April the Giraffe was born. 

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