Monday, July 10, 2017

Comment on my How to Gematria video-Jesuits

I got this comment a few hours ago on my How to Gematria video lol. 
I love it when people insult you and don't even know how to use the proper form of "You're". I know my grammar is far from perfect(mostly run on sentences), but I'm not insulting people with dumb ass comments like this. 
Your an idiot ASCII=84
Possibly why they misspelled "You're"=84
Today the 191st day of the year. 
Society of Jesus=191
What is the purpose of saying ASCII? 
American Standard Code for Information Interchange=224
The Society of Jesus=224
I mean I get the ASCII is coding but it's not what I'm showing in the video. 

Today is 80 days (end date) before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Christian Cortez=80  also 188 and 91(rev red)
The Society of Jesus=91(rev red)
Bavarian Illuminati=80, 188
Think about that name for a second as well...Christian Cortez...Hernan Cortes killing the Aztecs spreading Christianity. 

I put my video out 511 days ago. 

Crazy enough today is my parents 35th wedding anniversary. 
My dad found out today that his dad/my grandpa has cancer. He's 84 years old right now. My dad also found out today that he has to get surgery on his shoulder again as he hurt it last night. 
My Grandpa's bday is May 14th....14/5..."Catholic"=145(reverse)

Jesus Christ=151
Your an Idiot=151
 2/15 to 9/27 is also 224 days. 
The Society of Jesus=224

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