Monday, July 10, 2017

Ohio Gender Reveal Party turns deadly CNN Article

I only clicked on this story as once again something I have mentioned shows up in the media just a few days later. 

In my last Youtube video from a week ago I mentioned how my girlfriend is pregnant again and her sister want's to have a gender reveal party. Now we get a story of a shooting at a gender reveal party? 
Gender Reveal Party=263(reverse)
263 is the 56th prime number. 
Society of Jesus=56
Ohio Gender Reveal Party=117
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=117(rev red)..My girlfriend. 
The date is also interesting 7/9.....
Society of Jesus=79(red rev)

They settled in to watch a Spiderman movie? Something I just posted about yesterday too. 

The death was Autum Garrett. 
Autum Garrett= 165
Scottish Rite=165
Interesting she was 22 years old as well. 165 was a number I kept getting shown last year in regards to my 22 Jumpstreet video. 
Also "Twenty Two"=165
Her name also reminds us of Fall/Autumn..

September Equinox=224(reverse)
The Society of Jesus=224

The hospital was in Colerain Township, also where the video of the cop in the story is. 
Colerain Township=84

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