Sunday, July 9, 2017

Death of Stan Lee's wife day before Spiderman:Homecoming-Jesuits

Last night when I got home from DJ/Karaoke gig my girlfriends brother told me about Stan Lee's wife dying. Her family likes a lot of the Comic stuff as I honestly would've never looked this up. It was just him and I awake when I got home, so I explained to him about Gematria hopefully sparking his brain a bit. 
Anyway first thing I noticed about this story. 
Stan Lee=76
His wife dies on 7/6. 

She dies 191 days(end date) after Stan's bday. 
Marvel Comics=191(reverse)
Think about how much I keep mentioning the Jesuits. 
7/6 is the 187th day of the year. 
Society of Jesus=191 and 187(reverse)
My girlfriend's brother is Dane. 

She also dies 7 months 1 day after their 69th wedding anniversary. 

It's funny too most of the news sources have reported her death as age 93, but I've seen elsewhere she was actually 95 and it's reported incorrectly. Wiki even shows this on her profile. 
Joan Lee=62
Ninety Three=62

She wrote a book called "The Pleasure Palace". 
The Pleasure Palace=69 and 93(rev red)
Married 69 years reportedly dies age 93. 

She also dies the day before the new Spiderman movie came out. 
Spiderman: Homecoming=102 and 312(reverse)
Of course the numbers I have been mentioning a lot in regards to the Jesuits and also Angel Michael. 

Not enough time to look more into this right now, but hopefully I'll find this movie and watch it tonight. Most likely some clues. 

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  1. Just like Nelsan Ellis being reported dead at 39, but he was 38.