Monday, July 17, 2017

Despicable Me 3-Gru's Twin Brother-1985 World Series-Priest-Nationals vs Twins?

We just watched this movie tonight. I'll have to re-watch it sometime as I'm sure I missed a lot of things. Of course the typical one eye stuff and the "G" symbol, but that's been in all of these movies. 
The thing I want to point out in this post is that it's about Gru finding out about his TWIN brother. 
They also brought in a new villain for the film. 
Despicable Me Three=150
Balthazar Bratt=150
World Series=147 and 150(reverse)

Interesting this year the 147th day of the year is 150 days before the World Series begins.
This also means May 30th...the 150th day is 147 days before the World Series.  
One Hundred Fifty=84
Minnesota Twins=84

The very first line in the movie is "The Year was 1985" and they are talking about the Bratt's television show before he became a villain. 
I only find this interesting as the Twins played the Royals the same day this film came out in the US. The Royals won the WS in 1985. 
Notice too that St. Louis lost 8-1 this day. 
The Royals beat St. Louis in the 1985 World Series. 
Eighty One=54
MLB=54 and 18....score of 1-8 or 8-1. 
Would it really be that simple? Twins vs the Nationals in the World Series? 
Royals vs Cardinals....fitting for the Church of England vs the Catholic Church...
June 30th also the day Father Howard Fitzgerald story came out about him molesting a kid. Remember the weird Catholic Priest stuff happened to me on May 30th as well. The 150th day of the year. 
Child Molesting=150
It was 863 days after Pope Francis removed Father Howard from priesthood. 863 is the 150th prime. 
The Twins beat the Cardinals in the 84th World Series. 

The Twins also in their 57th season in the Twin Cities and their first game of the season this year was against the Royals. 

The film came out 116 days before the World Series. 
One Hundred Sixteen=84(rev red)

I noticed Cleveland and Detroit also postponed on June 30th. 
The other new character in the film is Gru's Twin brother named Dru. 
Bratt=38...what the villain is referred to in the film. 
Felonious Gru=63, 162
Major League Baseball=63, 162
162 regular season games. 
Interesting too as all of the priest stuff goes back to "63". 
Bratt is obsessed with Dancing and a big thing in the movie is they fight doing a Dance Off. 
Dance Off=54 and 162(reverse)
Dancing=38(red rev) and 52
Minnesota=38 and 52(red rev)

The Nationals originally the Montreal Expos. But 3 other Washington Teams called the Senators. The 2nd even became the Minnesota Twins. Senators.....just makes me wonder in regards to Steve Scalise story. The Congressional Baseball game..Congress...Senate....Who knows. It happened on June 14th which is the day Despicable Me 3 premiered. 

Congressional Baseball Game=147(red rev)
World Series=147
Stephen Joseph Scalise=84 and 312(reverse)
Jesuit=84....312 a number I've mentioned in regards to the Jesuits. 

Steve Scalise=185(reverse)
Donald John Trump=185  this shooting happened on Trump's bday. 
It was 132 days before the WS begins. 
The Nationals lost to the Braves that day 13-2. 
Catholic Church=132 and so on. 
The Braves of course the last team Minnesota has beat in the World Series. 
More to look into as always, possibly the Twins stuff is just pointing to the Nationals? Need to rewatch this film and see if there were any baseball references or things in the background. 

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  1. Twins twins everywhere...

    It is odd, but an article came out this week recapping Beverly D'Angelo and Al Pacino having twins 16 years ago.