Sunday, July 23, 2017

Notification on my Phone in regards to my last post about Saturn/EL

This is something I have wondered about for a long time now. If Jesus is Saturn. I just made a blog post in which I discovered a bunch of stuff in regards to EL-Saturn and the number 7. Anyway I found this video on Youtube in regards to the topic. 
Notice it's 11:11 and the person has 11K subs. 
The 5th prime number is 11. 

Anyway as I'm watching the above video I get a notification on my phone from Zachary K Hubbard and it recommends the Truthiracy 3 Michael Jordan series. 
I just find it funny as Truthiracy talks a lot about EL in his videos and this is the only notification I have got on my phone all day. Not sure if this channel is really Zach or not but I wasn't even Subbed to this channel. So I don't understand why I would even get a notification on my phone from a Channel I wasn't subbed to? 

What else doesn't make sense is that these videos were uploaded 3 days ago...Why did I all the sudden get a notification to watch them today from a channel I wasn't subbed to? 

This channel created 2 days before Zach's channel was deleted. 

Something I forgot to add in regards to the last post was the letter "Z". 
It's a 7 and an upside down 7.  

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