Thursday, July 20, 2017

Shane McMahon in Helicopter Crash Landing in Water-Wrestlemania 33-Summer Slam

Shane McMahon was in a helicopter crash today July 19th. 
Shane McMahon=51
Helicopter=51(rev red)

Shane McMahon born on 15/1. 
Currently the on-screen commissioner of "Smackdown Live". 
Smackdown Live=151

Crash Landing in Water=200
This happened on the 200th day of the year. 

If only I watched more WWE. I bet this is a tribute to the upcoming Summer Slam on August 20th. 

Summer Slam is 33 days(end date) after this story happens. 

Interesting it's 3 months 17 days after Wrestlemania 33 on 4/2. 
The other night in regards to the Simpsons and Freemasonry I was talking about 317. 
I discovered this today...
Scottish Rite Freemasonry=317(reverse) and 115
Shane born on 1/15. 
One Hundred Fifty Eight=317(reverse)
July 19th leaves 165 days in the year. 
Scottish Rite=165

It says on Wiki Shane McMahon lost to AJ Styles in WM 33. 
AJ Styles=51(rev red)

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