Saturday, July 15, 2017

Death of Brandon Bourbon comment by YesEthan who is now Solarius on Youtube

I was looking back at some of my old Brandon Bourbon posts/videos because I got some amazing info from an anonymous person about his death. Gonna make a video on it when I get all of it organized and research it a bit more.
It was an odd comment because they randomly commented on an old video I had about Orphan Annie. I put it out on the 155th day of 2015. The video I was uploading was a lot to do with 155. 
Brandon Bourbon=155
His sister commented and told me I'm stupid and he really died on 4/2 not 4/8 like the media had said. 4/2 to the date I got the comment was 155 days and so on. The person who commented had the same Youtube name as his sister, but I'm thinking it wasn't actually her. Anyone can make a Youtube account and find a picture of someone online and say it's them. This is most likely why I got that message on the day that I did. 
Anyway the person who commented was named "YesEthan" on Youtube. 
I know it's hard to see but this is the person. 
Here's a picture of the exact same comment yet under a different Youtube name. 

I remember this person commented on my video about the ODD comment timing telling me they are not part of it and what not. 
Notice now their name is "Solarius". Remember it was YesEthan. In the video I even mention how they seemed real as they had Subscribers and videos. Now when you go to them, they have no subs, no videos and a different youtube name. 
Why is that? hmmmm? 
Here's a better picture. They had 19K Subs and now have a different name with no Subs.
Why would anyone do that? 
I think we all know the answer to that. 
Youtube has even kept my likes and dislikes at 6 and 5 on the original video lol. 
Brandon Bourbon=65
Played for "Kansas"=65
Christianity=65...which was a big piece to the puzzle in his death. 

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