Sunday, July 23, 2017

Former Minneapolis Laker coach John Kundla dies at 101-Twins-Nationals

Yet another story in regards to Minnesota. 
The first coach of the Minneapolis Lakers died today. 
I didn't think about the Magic Johnson/Lonzo Ball stories being connected to Minnesota as well. 
John Kundla=38, 110 also 52(red rev)
Minnesota=38, 110 and 52(red rev)
The Lakers also now have the Twin Brook Lopez. 
It also puts the Angels stuff into perspective...The Los Angeles Angels. 

Kundla was the coach of the Lakers when they won their first championship in 1949. 

Notice who the Lakers beat that year. The WASHINGTON Capitols. 
A few days ago I posted about the possible Twins vs Washington World Series this year. 

Kundla also coached the winning 1950 NBA Finals. This was the first year of the actual NBA although they consider the 3 prior BAA championships to be part of the NBA. So it's sort of like the 1st ever NBA Finals. 
Notice though, the Lakers beat the Syracuse NATIONALS. 
So they beat Washington and then the Nationals. 
In 1952, 1953 the Lakers beat the New York Knicks and then in 1954 they beat the Nationals again. 
Interesting in regards to the Yankees connections as well. 

Interesting the Twins lost today to the Detroit. The Lakers began after the disbanded NBL team the Detroit Gems were bought and changed to the Minneapolis Lakers. 
Detroit Gems=54 and 162(reverse)
Baseball=54 and 162(reverse) 

Washington and the Twins both had 6 runs today. 

The Lakers preseason this year even begins on 9/30 in Anaheim against Minnesota. 
Anaheim Angels.....
Anaheim California=85
Los Angeles Angels=85(rev red)
The Twins finish the regular season with a game against Detroit on 10/1 too and also play them on 9/30. 
Thinking about that in regards to Kundla dying age 101. 
10/1 leaves 91 days in the year. 
Twins last won the WS in 1991. 
Tigers=84=Minnesota Twins=Jesuit 
10/1 or 1/10..

Kundla's 101st bday was 113 days before the 113th World series. 
I'm also wondering about the 101st WS in 2005 where the Astros were swept. 
His bday also on the 185th day of the year in 1916. 

Notice the Twins beat the Angels on 7/3 and Washington beat New York. 

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