Monday, July 31, 2017

Magic Johnson says Dodgers will win 2017 World Series-Lavar/Lonzo Ball-Jesuits

Magic Johnson says the Dodgers will win this year. 
"This is Our Year"=187
Society of Jesus=187(reverse) and 56
Earvin Johnson=187(reverse)
Magic Johnson=56, 128
Ha he may be might as I've said the winner will be connected to the Jesuits. 
The Dodgers in their 128th season according to Wiki, but 134th according to Sportsreference. 

He says this 18 days before his 58th bday...
He also says this age 57. 
World Series=57

Lavar Ball=162(reverse)
Major League Baseball=162
Interesting Magic Johnson will be 58 years old during the basketball season..
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Lonzo Ball=37, 109 and 134(reverse)
He's from "Chino Hills"=109
Los Angeles=37, 109
July 27th also leaves 157 days in the year. 
157 is the 37th prime. 
The NBA Finals came to an end 134 days before the WS begins. 
Lonzo born on 10+27+97=134

Johnson says this 175 days after becoming the President of Operations with the Lakers. 
Los Angeles Lakers=175

MSN article mentions how hopefully he doesn't have to change his name to Magic Jinxson. 
Magic Jinxson=57
World Series=57

Johnson says this on 7/27 which was 89 days before the World Series. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(red rev)
Earvin "Magic" Johnson=89, 197
Ping Pong 4 Purpose=197(reverse)
Lonzo Anderson Ball=73 and 89(rev red)
Los Angeles Dodgers=73 and 89(rev red)

Magic Johnson last won a NBA Finals on 6/21/1988 and then the Dodgers won the WS that began 117 days later. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=117(Reverse)
They beat the "Oakland Athletics"=56
Athletics=56(red reverse)
In a previous post I mentioned the death of Bob Wolff who announced the 1956 world series...Yankees vs Dodgers. 

The Dodgers didn't play the day that Magic said this, but the day before they beat the TWINS 5-6. 
They got their 71st win on the season...
The World Series begins on 10+24+20+17=71

The World Series begins 71 days after Magic's bday. 
With the end date it would be 72 days. 

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