Monday, July 24, 2017

Zach Britton sets AL record 55th Save-Angels-More Minnesota and Washington Connections

Zach Britton=55
Sets the record after converting 55th straight save opportunity.

Before I started this post about Zach Britton I was on Facebook. 
I couldn't get a screenshot as it disappeared right as I tried, but on Facebook the AD on the side said, "You Are Gods Angel". 
I clicked on it and it took me to this book. 
Angels with Attitude=74
You are Gods Angel=74(rev red)
Jesus=74=Cross=Messiah=Gospel and so on...

Anyway not long after I saw the article about Zach Britton and started the blog post. Then the dish network turned off due to inactivity so I grabbed the remote and scrolled through the channels. I saw Back to the Future II was on so I figured I'd turn it on. Of course it has the song Earth Angel playing when I turn it there. 
The song Earth Angels is by The Penguins. 
All I can think about is the Pittsburgh Penguins who won this year, but also won their first Stanley Cup in 1991 against the Minnesota North Stars. 
Minnesota of course won the World Series that year, and then the Super Bowl in the 91' season was held in Minnesota. 
The Penguins even won the Stanley Cup 147 days before the World Series began in 91'. 
World Series=147
Then 91 days after the World Series, the WASHINGTON Redskins won the Super Bowl. 
What's interesting is the Redskins also won the Super Bowl in the 1987 season which is also the same year the Twins won the World Series. 
Possibly it won't be the Twins vs the Nationals in the WS and it's just showing something else in regards to how these teams are connected? 
Be interesting if this year the Washington Baseball team won the WS and the Minnesota team won the Super Bowl wouldn't it? Just trying to piece together all of the Minnesota and Twin stuff. 
Washington Redskins=85

Zach Britton born 1 month 27 days after the Twins won the World Series in 1987, which was also the first time they won it since 1924 when they were called the Washington Senators. 
Minneapolis=55, 127
Zach Britton=55

I just noticed that "Twinkies"=38, 110
Minnesota=38, 110

We also have this story on Espn right now. 
Larry Fitzgerald plays for the Arizona Cardinals. Notice he was born in Minneapolis though. 
The St. Louis Cardinals the team the Twins beat in 1987. Also the only other time the Redskins won the Super Bowl was in the 82' season in which the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series. 
Retirement=55, 127

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    Minnesota's first Triple Play in 11 years early this season against the Angels.

    Triple Play=55
    Triple Play Against Angels=263(Prime 56)
    Twin Angels=56