Thursday, July 6, 2017

Did Amelia Earhart survive her plane crash story on CNN-22

Amelia goes missing with her navigator Fred Noonan. 
I'm confused as to why they declared him dead on 6/20/1938 and she wasn't declared dead until 1/5/1939. 
They were declared dead 199 days apart....
199 the 46th prime number. 

Amelia Earhart=58, 112
Notice her and Noonan's bdays were 112 days(end date) apart. 
Pacific Ocean=58

She went missing 22 days before her bday after completing 22,000 miles of the trip. 
Amelia Mary Earhart=79
79 is the 22nd prime number. 

July 2nd at NOON is the exact midpoint of a common year as well. 
She dies with Fred NOONan on July 2nd lol. 
Possibly nothing but worth noting...."Noon"=22
Noonan also died age 44...his bday of 4/4. 

He had a 22 year career at sea too. 

I also thought it was worth noting that Noonan went missing 89 days after his bday. 
Disappearance=58, 112=Amelia Earhart

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