Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Depression" A trending topic on Facebook regarding Chester Bennington's death-Stock Market Crash

A quick thought in regards to Chester Bennington's death. I keep seeing people post on Facebook about how Depression is a real problem and blah blah. Robin Williams, Chester, Chris Cornell and so on....
Think about this in regards to some of the posts I had recently about the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression.....

Linkin Park=52
Cornell dies age 52. 
Remember the World Series begins this year on the 88th anniversary of Black Thursday. 
Also Chris Cornell died on 18/5 which was also the same day Bennington joined STP and so on. 
Stock Market Crash=185

May 18th to the anniversary of Black Thursday is 159 days. 
Donald Trump=159(reverse)
Herbert Hoover=159

Hoover became president 159 days before his bday.
Scottish Rite=159(reverse) 

"Space"=159(Jewish)...7/20 the anniversary of the Moon landing. 

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