Friday, July 7, 2017

John Black Well Jr-Prince's Drummer dies age 43


He dies on 7/4 which is 74 days after the 1 year anniversary of Prince dying. 
He also dies age 43...
Drummer=43(rev red)

He died 67 days before his bday. 
He was battling a "Brain Tumor"=67(rev red)
Remember Vanity died 67 days before Prince died. 
Prince born on 6/7. 

He died 113 days (end date) before the 113th World Series begins. 
He was also born on 9/9 that leaves 113 days in the year. 
John Blackwell Jr=57
World Series=57

In light of him dying age 43 and Prince's Minnesota connection.....The Twins got their 43rd win of the season on 7/4 as well. 
Los Angeles Angels=85(rev red)
Prince's Drummer=85(rev red)
He also died 439 days after Prince..
439 is the 85th prime number. 

TMZ gives us a video of Prince from 2002. The Angels won the WS in 2002. They advanced to the WS beating the Twins too.  
Jay Leno=82
The Everlasting Now=82(reverse)
Ha wouldn't that be crazy if the Angels made the World Series? I never thought about that in regards to the Jesuit stuff-Gabriel-Michael? 
Baseball=54 and so on. 

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