Sunday, July 23, 2017

Christian man prays with Jerusalem Muslims as Religious tensions flare-New York Yankees

I just got home and see this article as the main story on CNN right now. 
Notice the guy is wearing a Yankees hat. 
Nidal Aboud=38, 83 and 61(rev red) and 187(reverse)
Christian=61  and so on. 
New York Yankees=187(reverse)
Society of Jesus=187


It just seems odd to me that this guy is wearing a Yankees hat too. The media always wants us to think people in the middle east have it so bad/poor and whatever. Why would they even care about the Yankees? It's like the story of the Bana Alabed. She was the girl on Twitter pleading for peace in Aleppo. They tell us they have no veggies, no milk, no meat and so on BUT they have internet and a computer/phone to use it with?  

The tensions because of a shooting at Lions Gate in Old City Of Jerusalem. 
Lions Gate=39, 102
Old City of Jerusalem=102(rev red)
New York=39


9/11 attacks lasted 102 minutes. "Al Qaeda"=102(Jewish)

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