Saturday, July 15, 2017

DMX Arrested for Tax Evasion-Stock Market Crash Tribute

So DMX was arrested for tax evasion on July 13th? 
Yet another story involving money on that day. 
Remember it's 103 days before the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market crash beginning. 
Stock Market Crash=103(red rev)
One point seven million=103(red rev)

Another reason I think it's connected to the Stock Market Crash is because DMX has the album called "The Great Depression". I only know this because I used to love DMX back in the day. This album came out my senior year of High School. 

July 13th is also 29 days after Trump's bday. 
Black Tuesday on the 29th day of October in 1929 whenthe only president from the 29th state was president. 

I just noticed Donald Trump's bday is 137 days before Black Tuesday as well. 
It's 132 days before Black Thursday also. 
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132
Trump turned 71 this year.  "Catholic"=71

This story comes 159 days(end date) before his bday. 
Earl Simmons=159(reverse)
Interesting too in regards to Money. 
Earl Simmons=523(satanic)
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
Herbert Hoover=159
HH=88..."Trump" will be the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. 
October Twenty Ninth=88

Notice how he was charged with 14 counts related to tax evasion. 

He's currently 46 years old. 
Interesting too "IRS"=26(rev reduced)
Bank=26(rev red)

Tax Evasion=59(rev red) and 40(reduced)
Ruff Ryders=59
Stock Market Crash=59(reduced)
59 the number on Black People...Slave, Negro and so on. 
Think about the Stock Market Crash in regards to this as well. 
BLACK Tuesday...BLACK Thursday. 
Thursday=46(red rev)
Black Thursday=46(reduced)..DMX 46 years old..IRS=46
Fourteen=41(reduced) and 40(rev reduced)...14 counts. 

Notice the Attorney in the story as well. 
Joon H Kim=40(reduced) and 41(rev red)
DMX=41 and 40(reverse)

X Gon Give it to ya=185(reverse)
Stock Market Crash=185
Donald John Trump=185
Dogs=185(satanic)....the reverse of God. 

This arrest also comes 208 days (end date) after his bday. 
The Great Depression=208
DMX Super Bowl 50 X
Remember DMX super connected to Super Bowl 50 as well. 
Super Bowl=41...see link above. 

It's crazy this article would be on CNN today...Just last night I commented on an older Zenith of the Alpha's video in regards to "X". 

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